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2006 News Blog Archive

November 12, 2006 (posted by Rich)  We've been so busy performing and recording recently, I haven't gotten around to bloggin'! The Forefathers have done some diverse shows lately: the Winter Park Autumn Arts Festival, the ONE Campaign to fight poverty, a couple of convention events, the Orlando Science Center, and the fundraiser for Orlando's fledgling Bohemia Society for the Arts & Sciences.  The charities and fundraisers are especially a lot of fun and very rewarding. We've met some really great, caring people recently at those events. The ONE event (similar events were being held around the country at the same time) got into the Guinness Book of World Records for "the most people standing up at one time (against poverty)."  We are 3 songs away from completing our 2nd CD. We'll be recording the last batch in early December. The new CD should be ready by late January. Just in time for Valentine's Day - I'm sure our wives will appreciate our thoughtfulness when they receive the gift of the new Forefathers' CD!  Maybe not.  Finally, I wish I had a photo of Ross trying to retrieve his conga drum after it recently, accidentally, got bumped and rolled under his van. Just saw legs sticking out - I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pull a hamstring.  Thanks for your ongoing support!

August 26, 2006 (posted by Rich)  On Saturday, August 19th, The Forefathers performed three 45 minute sets at the Taste of the Nation event at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort Pacific Ballroom. About $175,000 was raised by the approximately 2,000 attendees to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless. The crowd enjoyed the music - it's hard to keep 2,000 folks happy! One guy yelled out Freebird, of course, which we are now determined to learn. After the show, we sold a CD to the actor who played the alien in the movie Signs! The crab cakes were delish.  We've recorded the basic tracks for 3 new songs and are going to record the next 3 on 9/15. The guys are in good form - the drums, percussion, and bass sound great! We are recording at Difference Studios in Winter Park with the help of producer/ engineer David Mikeal (www.davidmikeal.com). We hope to have the new CD ready in January.

July 28, 2006 (posted by Rich)  Our CD was reviewed in the July edition of Connections Magazine. We got 4 stars! That's out of 5 (not 10 as I initially feared!).   Also, we received radio airplay earlier this month on the internet radio program Radio Crystal Blue (www.radiocrystalblue.com). The song Forefathers was played by RCB host Dan Herman.

June 28, 2006 (posted by Rich)  Thank you very much to all our fans, family, and friends who attended our CD Release Party at Dandelion Communitea Cafe on Saturday, June 17th. I can't believe how great the weather was! About 83 degrees, clear, and hardly any humidity.  The Forefathers especially want to thank Michael Boynton, vocalist/keyboardist of the band March to May (www.marchtomay.com), for performing a fantastic solo set & to Ruth King (www.ruthkingblues.com) for a soulful set of her great acoustic blues. And thank you, Ruth, for the use of your guitar cable when mine went dead. You saved the show!  The jam session after the show was a drum circle with sax, guitars, and a vibraphone. There were about 12 of us playing all kinds of instruments. My friend Mitch commented how much he loved the music in the jam session and thought we were a band of our own. Mitch, did you like the Forefather's set?  After the show, The Forefathers celebrated the next day, Father's Day, by helping our bassist Thuan Nguyen move into his new house. Yeah, we know how to party.  We are rehearsing and writing new material for our new CD, tentatively titled "Manataka." New songs include Manataka, The Amazon, Red, & Awake.   Yesterday, Thuan emailed me this: "I received word from Alisha that Jenny -- our former church nursery caregiver -- just delivered her new baby girl yesterday. During the entire labor process, she was listening to... (drum roll please) ...THE FOREFATHERS! Jenny said it really helped! Cool, huh?"  Yeah, pretty cool! Congratulations, Jenny!  The Forefathers are excited about two upcoming shows at Disney's Dolphin Resort for the Taste of the Nation event and at the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival (see front page for more details). We've also booked some time in August and September to record our 2nd CD.

May 30, 2006 (posted by Rich)  We had a great time this past weekend at the 54th Annual Florida Folk Festival in White Springs. It was the first time anyone in the band had been to the festival. We met a lot of great musicians and cool people with an interest in keeping folk music, traditional and modern, alive and well. Importantly, Arturo devoured the BBQ ribs and Ross drank a Lime Fizz.  We played at the Ampitheatre and had a excellent sound system and professionals to run it. We were a little nervous about what the reception from the crowd would be like since we are not a traditional folk band. But the crowd enjoyed it, danced around, and gave us a great response. During our 30 minute set we played Solstice (the crowd loved Arturo's hand drum), Reverie, Manataka (new song), The Amazon (new song) , and Ghost Town.

April 29, 2006 (posted by Rich)  Hi  all, this is a new feature of the web site! The band members will be using this space to update you about Forefathers news and events.

We have been busy so far this year having played about 12 shows. We played an Earth Day Festival last Saturday (4/22) in a great setting: A dock on the St. John's River. The Festival featured Florida environmental author Bill Belleville and other environmental activists. It was great to see so many people working together to keep our river basins healthy. Thank you to the Harrison Family for giving us the opportunity to play!  We have been working on some new songs recently and have a about a half a CD's worth of material.   Recording the new CD may start this summer.  The Forefathers recently had a song ("Solstice") selected by the radio show, Acoustic Fuel, to be added to their playlist. Our song "Reverie" was recently added to the Seldom Heard Radio Show playlist at WSCS 90.9, New London, NH.  Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support!

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