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2008 News Blog Archive

December 7th, 2008 (posted by Rich)     The Forefathers played one of our most unusual, yet one of the most fun, events we've ever done.  From 7AM-8:30AM yesterday morning we played in front of Bikes Beans & Bordeaux restaurant which was a water station for the big OUC Half Marathon & 5K road race.  We played in front of about 3,500 people which made it our biggest audience ever.  Of course, the runner's only saw us for about 45 seconds as they ran by!  We worked up the melody to "Chariots of Fire" at the last minute!


December 1st, 2008 (posted by Rich)     The Forefathers survived the "monsoon" at the Maitland Farmer's Market on November 30th.  We turned Ross's van into a pontoon boat and made it out before it went over our heads.  The big Holiday Show at the Orlando Public Library on Saturday, December 13th, is coming soon...with special guests...egg nog...a yule log...


November 2nd, 2008 (posted by Rich)     The Forefathers would like to thank our friend Steve Davis of the Tom Katz Band for filling in on bass guitar during our busy day yesterday at the Lake County Green Fair and the Deland Music Festival.  Steve played brilliantly and we couldn't have done it without him!  Also, thank you to the Songwriters Showcases of America (www.ssa.cc) for nominating me among 10 finalists for Musician of the Year.  I'm very honored to have been nominated!  I swear no money changed hands for the nomination.


October 20th, 2008 (posted by Rich)     I've joined the 21st Century!  I finally have high speed internet installed on my computer and will be able to update this blog more often.  This high speed internet thing is like magic.  I discovered this thing called You Tube...    The Forefathers are in a busy period of live performances.  We played one of our favorites, the Winter Park Arts Festival, a couple of weeks ago to a receptive crowd.  A beautiful day and a lot of fun.     We have Veg Fest, the Lake County Green Fair, and the Deland Music Festival in the immediate future.  Hope to see you there!     The band is continuing to write and record material for our 3rd CD.  A couple of new songs called "Not Forgotten" and "Vision Quest" are taking us into exciting, new directions.


May 18th, 2008 (posted by Rich)     The band has been very busy over the past few weeks with numerous shows at different locales.  It seems like the gigs come in bunches!  On May 17th, we had two shows in one day but with no need for medical attention.     We had a great time at Denise and Devitt Harrison's 3rd Annual Earth Day Festival at their home on the St. John's River in Osteen, FL, on April 26th.  Beautiful weather and a great cause of helping to protect the precious St. John's River (www.stjohnsriverkeeper.org).  After a few interesting downtown shows in early May, we played the Green Earth Expo on May 16th (www.globalgreenalliance.com) which is the world's largest sustainable commerce and lifestyle trade show.  We also have been happy to be involved with the new Audubon Park Farmer's Market that features organic foods, plants, and fine merchandise.  A nice relaxed atmosphere!     We'll be appearing soon on WPRK's live music show with time and date TBA.  The Forefathers continue to receive airplay on NPR's "Echoes" program.  Thank you to John Diliberto for his continued support of the band!     Finally, thank you very much to Purusha K. Radha, founder and editor of Velocity Magazine, Central Florida's "conscious living" magazine!  She wrote a fantastic review of our CD "Manataka" for the May/June 2008 issue.


February 24th, 2008 (posted by Rich)     Gotta brag a little!  Connections Magazine reviewer Sara Wilsey said: "Manataka is a vast array of professional musicianship and belongs in any world music fan's collection."  Thank you, Sara!     Also, fans of National Public Radio's Echoes program should listen for The Forefathers on the weekly playlists.  We've been on the program just about every week over the past two months.  A big thank you to Echoes' host John Diliberto for giving us such frequent national exposure.


January 30th, 2008 (posted by Rich)     The Forefathers' recently  performed at an event called Timucua (www.timucua.com) founded by Benoit Glazer, bandleader for Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba.  The event took place at Benoit's house which has a mini-Carnegie Hall built into it!  The acoustics in the large room were incredible and many people who've seen us before said they never heard us sound better.  Over 100 people packed the space for the performance.  Thank you to all that attended.  We were flattered by the great response!  Next time we'll be prepared with a real encore...     The Forefathers have been appearing on National Public Radio's "Echoes" program, hosted by John Diliberto, on a nearly weekly basis.  So far, the songs "Mountain Rose", "Manataka", "Awake", and "Silhouettes" have appeared on the program.  Our percussionist Ross heard "Mountain Rose" at his house and thought it was coming out of his CD player.  He did a happy   jig when he realized it was coming out of his radio!





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