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"The Forefathers - A Global Fusion Treasure!

We've got 'acres of diamonds' right in our Orlando backyard! The Forefathers are, in a word, awesome! The Forefathers' "Manataka" cd has become a gift for me. In the long hours of laying out this magazine, I play Manataka and can't help but remark to myself how superb and richly textured this album is. Its global essence is obvious and will stir your soul...The chemistry shows up in a full-bodied, different kind of sound that's mature, but hip. I played a couple selections for a large group of people and they were all on their feet in no time...What a beautiful tribute this album is to the Place of Peace. Manataka resurrects the vision and the incredible zeal our hearts all hold for peace all over the world...I can't wait to meet up with these four guys in person to hear the Forefathers live! Someday we'll be saying, "We know them when!"

- Pursusha K. Radha, Velocity Magazine,

May/June 2008 Issue



""(5 stars out of 5) ~

The Forefathers is a band that is hard to put in a particular category - the closest I can think of would be world music. To help put into perspective, the liner notes refer to the album's title, Manataka, as a mystical and sacred ground where Native peoples would pilgrimage to celebrate peace. This 12-song CD is a pleasure to listen to. It's all instrumental and very percussive with instruments like flute, penny whistle, mandolin, and lots of chants throughout. Manataka is a vast array of professional musicianship and belongs in any world music fan's collection."

- Sara Wilsey, Connections Magazine,

February 2008



"Love the new album."

- John Diliberto, Host of "Echoes" on National Public Radio,

December 2007



"If you love good music (and who doesn't?) there is a new CD out by our own Dr. Rich Marcil...Rich performs with his group "TheForefathers"...The CD has 12 brand-new tracks that are just wonderful."

- Gloria Yousha, Heritage News,

September 2007



"A unique sound"

- Benoit Glazer, band leader for

Cirque du Soleil's “La Nouba”